Casual action games are a great way to pass time while refining your hand eye coordination skills. Here, we feature some of the most entertaining action games that have a very quick learning curve. They offer insanely fun game play to challenge your action game play skills and provide the maximum recreational value.

In Orbit

In Orbit is a great hyper casual game where the object is simply to hop from planet to planet using a rocket ship. It features a simple single click game play where the challenge is to launch your rocket at just the right time as it rotates on its own axis. The game has ultra smooth graphics with automatic centring and zoom, and a crisp portrait mode display for an amazing gameplay experience.

In Orbit Screenshot ALT
In Orbit Screenshot

Apple Bucket

Apple Bucket is a colorful game with attractive cartoon graphics where the objective is to catch the apples that are falling from the trees. You watch the apples bloom from a flower to ripe apples, that fall to the ground. The goal is to move the bucket underneath the path of the falling apples to prevent them from falling onto the ground.

Apple Bucket Screenshot ALT
Apple Bucket Screenshot

Sky Fighter

Sky Fighter is a platform top down portrait mode shooter game where the goal is to shoot down the oncoming aircraft using the cannons. The firing is automatically activated, and your task is the control the movement of the airplane on both axes using the simulated joystick controller. The clearly illustrated cartoon graphics, combined with the arcade sound effects, are amazing.

Sky Fighter Screenshot ALT
Sky Fighter Screenshot

Stacking Colors

Stacking Colors is a wonderfully designed game where the objective is to stack the maximum number of plates on top of one another. This is done by timing the release and depositing of the moving plates such that they cover the maximum area of the previous plate. A single click is all it takes to deposit the moving plates, yet the challenge and ensuing excitement is immense.

Stacking Colors Screenshot ALT
Stacking Colors Screenshot

Pandemic Covid-19

Pandemic Covid-19 is an ultra smooth 2D scrolling action game where the objective is to remove the virus cells with the one-touch controlled antibiotic before the Covid-19 virus attacks its. The maps are wonderfully designed, and it is a wonderful treat to watch the antibiotic gain mass as it eradicates the viruses.

Pandemic Covid-19 Screenshot ALT
Pandemic Covid-19 Screenshot

Flight Sim

Flight sim is a great game to test your ability to sequence helicopters and airplanes in for a landing. Sometimes you can bring the aircraft straight into the runway, and at other times your best choice is to issue a longer route to create an additional delay to prevent in air collision. The flight path is selected by drawing the desired path on the screen. It is great to see how much air traffic you can handle without causing an in-air mishap.

Bus Parking

Bus Parking is a 3D game where the objective is to park the city bus while collecting the coins along the pathway to the parking spot. The bus is controlled using forward and reverse gears, and left and right turning. The game has simple yet clean and colorful graphics with a nice haze effect for the distant scenery.

Bus Parking Screenshot ALT
Bus Parking Screenshot

Alien Bridge

Alien Bridge is an action game where quick reactions are the key to winning. The goal is to build a bridge just long enough to cross the chasm and reach the next hill top. Simply holding down the button anywhere on the screen extends the ladder bridge, and releasing stops the extension and drops the ladder bridge horizontally onto the surface.

Alien Bridge Screeshot ALT
Alien Bridge Screeshot

Classic Bowling

Classic Bowling is a spectacular bowling game with stunning graphics. To bowl, you first situate yourself at the desired horizontal location within the bowling alley. Then you touch (or press spacebar) anywhere on screen at the correct time to select the desired power level, which oscillates up and down on the visual scale. Next, you select the effect, a control over the amount of spin or twist that the ball exhibits as it rolls down the alley. This is also done by touching on screen (or pressing the space bar) at the correct time to select the visually depicted twisting level as the visual scale oscillates between extremes. Knocking down all 10 pins in the first attempt is a strike, and knocking all pins down in the second attempt is a spare.

Classic Bowling Screenshot ALT
Classic Bowling Screenshot

Space Adventure Pinball

Space Adventure Pinball is an exceptional pinball game with smooth scrolling action. You first pull the pin back on the pinball table by touching and holding the finger anywhere on the screen (or holding the down arrow key down) for the desired amount of launch force on the pinball. Subsequently, as the ball is in the play area, you control the left and right paddles by touch the left or the right half of the screen (or pressing the left or the right arrow key), respectively. The goal is simply to keep the pinball in the play area, and to maximize the score by contacting the score generating components.

Space Adventure Pinball Screenshot ALT
Space Adventure Pinball Screenshot

Soccer Pinball 3

In Soccer Pinball 3 your goal is to score the maximum number of goals against the opponent with the number of soccer balls that your team is assigned (typically 6). You click anywhere on screen to release the soccer ball in the direction of the arrow belonging to the player with the ball. You can launch the ball towards a team member, towards the pins in the play area, or towards the net to score a goal. If you score, you get a point. If the ball goes out of bounds, the other team gets a player. When all balls have been played, the team with more points wins.

Soccer Pinball Screenshot ALT
Soccer Pinball Screenshot