Some of the most exciting games are trivia and word games. The rules are super easy to learn, and these games help to strengthen the language and general knowledge skills, while at the same time providing much relaxation and entertainment.

Trivia Quiz

Trivia Quiz has a simple interface with point and click selection to answers to your favourite trivia questions. It also lets you see survey statistics on the questions. If you are having trouble, or just feeling lucky, fifty-fifty hint system removes all incorrect answers, leaving just two, including the correct one.

Trivia Quiz Screenshot - ALT
Trivia Quiz Screenshot

Trivia Quiz HTML

Trivia Quiz HTML lets you enjoy your favourite trivia questions with a thematic music in the background, and a timed more where you earn extra points based on how quickly you answer the questions. Both standard mode, and dark mode, are available to minimize eye strain based on the ambient lighting in the viewing environment.

Trivia Quiz HTML screenshot ALT
Trivia Quiz HTML screenshot

Word Master – Brain Puzzle

Word Master Brain Puzzle is a brain teaser word game where you are required to determine the correct word based on the the shown alphabets. If you are stuck, a hint system helps to guess the correct word by sharing one letter in the sequence at a time. The character sequence is selected by dragging the finger or mouse over the characters in the correct sequence.

Word Master - Brain Puzzle Screenshot ALT
Word Master – Brain Puzzle Screenshot

Word Search

Word Search is a fun one or two player word game where you select words from a chosen category. The words, which are hidden in type matrix of alphabets, can appear in any direction. They are chosen by dragging the mouse or finger of the correct word.

Word Search Screenshot ALT
Word Search Screenshot

Master Chess

Master Chess is an amazing 1 (player versus computer) and 2 player (player versus player) chess game. It features a beautifully designed chess board to for hours of play.

Master Chess Screenshot - ALT
Master Chess Screenshot

Master Checkers

Master Checkers is a classic implementation of the checkers game with both single player (player versus computer) and two player (player versus player) game play. When a piece is clicked, the possible moves for that piece are depicted. As well, the mandatory jumps as per the rules of the games are noted.

Master Checkers Screenshot - ALT

Classic Backgammon

Class Backgammon is an elegant implementation of the backgammon game. Both single player (player versus computer) and multiplayer (computer versus computer) modes are supported. When a player rolls the die and clicks on a piece, the possible moves for that piece are shown.

Classic Backgammon Screenshot - ALT
Classic Backgammon Screenshot

Snake and Ladder

Snake and Ladder is a wonderful implementation of the popular snakes and ladders game. You roll the 3D dice, and then move between 1 and 6 positions forward. If you land on a ladder, you climb higher, and if you land on a snake, you are taken backwards. The first person to reach the finish wins. Then game can be played with a single player (player versus computer) as well as two player (player versus player).

Snake and Ladder Screenshot ALT
Snake and Ladder Screenshot

Nine Men’s Morris

The objective in Nine Men’s Morris is to remove the competitors pieces by placing 3 of your own pieces in a row to form a mill. A piece from a competitors mill can only be removed if there are no other choices. When all pieces have been placed on the board, you can move existing pieces to adjacent points to form a 3 man mill, and subsequently removing your opponent’s pieces. When you only have 3 pieces remaining, then can fly to any vacant point on the board. You win when the opponent is reduced to 2 pieces, or is unable to move.

Nine Men's Morris Screenshot ALT
Nine Men’s Morris Screenshot


Reversi, which is also known as Othello, is a simple but addictive game where the object is to convert the color of your opponents pieces to your own by surrounding both sides with your color. All of your opponents pieces between your colors then convert over. The side with the greatest number of pieces in its color when all pieces on the board have a color on them wins. The game can be played in both one player (player versus computer) and two player (player versus player) modes.

Reversi Screenshot ALT
Reversi Screenshot ALT

Number Lock Puzzle

Number Lock Puzzle is a board game where the idea is to unlock a secret 4 digit number lock by selecting the correct 4 numbers in the correct sequence in a limited amount of time with a limited number of moves. After each iteration you are told if the corresponding number is the correct number in the correct location (green), the correct number but in the wrong location (yellow), or if it is a number that is not part of the code at all (white). The code is unlocked when all 4 digits are correctly selected in the proper sequence.

Number Lock Puzzle Screenshot - ALT
Number Lock Puzzle Screenshot


Mastermind is a challenging board game where the goal is to guess the correct colors and the correct locations for each of the colors. In each iteration, you select select and place the colored pegs in each of the selected rows. After pressing check, a red ball means that you selected and placed the correct color in the correct location. A white ball means that you selected a correct color, but placed it in the incorrect location. When all colored pegs are placed in the correct locations, you win the game. You can select a code length of 4, 6, or 8 colors, and you can also select whether or not a given color can be duplicated in the correct code sequence.

Mastermind Screenshot - ALT
Mastermind Screenshot