Puzzle games challenge the mind to solve problems such as matching of similar objects, adding similar numbers, combining the same color, cracking a code sequence, orienting pieces onto an image, and so on. The key in these games is to identify patterns quickly, and by simple click and slide commands, move one step closer to the solution with each iteration. Puzzle games are great for sharpening the mind, while at the same time providing immense entertainment from solving visually pleasing puzzles to reach successfully higher levels.

2048 HTML 5

2048 is a popular game where the objective is to pair power or two numbers to get to their sum (or the next higher exponent of two). For example pairing two 4’s will yield an 8. There are may variants of this game. In 2048 HTML 5, you slide the game pieces in one of four directions (left, right, up, or down) such that two number of the same combine into their sum.

2048 HTML5 Screenshot - ALT
2048 HTML5 Screenshot

Merge Number 2048

In Merge Number 2048, the objective is to combine all numbers of the same value that are adjacent on the play area to become double of the number. The number that is clicked is where the combined numbers’ result is placed. New numbers automatically populate the board by sliding the existing numbers down.

Merge Numbers 2048 Screenshot - ALT
Merge Numbers 2048 Screenshot

Memory Game Sealife

Memory game sealife is a great way to exercise and develop your visual memory skills. You are given a set of cards that are placed face down. When you click a card, it is turned over, and you see a recognizable sea creature. The goal is to find the second matching card in the deck which contains the same sea creature. If the two cards match, they are removed from the deck. If not, both cards are again placed down, and the game continues.

Memory Game Sealife Screenshot ALT
Memory Game Sealife Screenshot

Memory Game Simplistic

Memory Game Simplistic lets you test and refine your memorization skills with a simple grid pattern board featuring simplistic icons. The goal is to turn over the icons that are placed face down in consecutive pairs that match. Once a matching pair is found, the two identical icons are left facing upward, and the game continues with the remaining face down icons.

Memory Game Simplistic Screenshot ALT
Memory Game Simplistic Screenshot

Tronix Graph Game

Tronix Graph Game is a brain teaser game where the objective is to place the vertices of an interconnected graph on the two dimensional board so that none of the edges (lines between the vertices) cross over. You are free to slide each of the edges anywhere on the board, and the vertices automatically resize to meet the connected edges. The game features 20 levels of progressively increasing complexity to challenge your mind and develop your graphical problem skills.

Tronix Graph Game Screenshot ALT
Tronix Graph Game Screenshot

Tap Away 3D

Tap Away 3D is a clever puzzle game where the objective is to remove all pieces. A piece will only move in the direction indicated by the arrows on that piece. A piece can only move when it is not obstructed by another piece. A simple tap moves the piece, and the puzzle is completed when all pieces have been removed. The game features an elegant 3D view of the pieces, which can be rotated to get a superior perspective.

Tap Away 3D Screenshot ALT
Tap Away 3D Screenshot

3D Tangram

3D Trangram is an excellent puzzle game where you rotate and slide common polygram shapes to complete a picture. Clicking on the piece rotates it, and holding and sliding the piece moves it. When all pieces have been placed to completely fill the silhouette of the object, the level is complete. The objects in the game have a nice raised 3D perspective, and there are 25 exciting levels with various shapes and patterns to keep you entertained.

3D Tangram Screenshot ALT
3D Tangram Screenshot

Block Triangle Puzzle

Block Triangle Puzzle is a great game where the puzzle pieces need to be placed into the correct locations of the template to completely fill the playing area. The pieces are provided at the bottom, and you have to slide the pieces into the correct place by holding and sliding the piece. There are 40 exciting levels to play.

Block Triangle Puzzle Screenshot ALT
Block Triangle Puzzle Screenshot

Super Plinko

Super Plinko is a fun casual game where you simply drop a ball down a board containing pegs along the way which affect the trajectory of the ball as it slides down the board. You select the horizontal positioning of the ball and then the rest is up to gravity. Some additional points can also be picked up as the falling ball intercepts coins that are placed on the board. If your ball lands on the bonus round slot, then you also get to play a mini-board plinko game for additional points.

Super Plinko Screenshot ALT
Super Plinko Screenshot

Merge Blocks

In Merge Blocks you are presented with a 3d isometric presentation of a grid containing some blocks, which are in the shapes of buildings, of different sizes. You are also given a block that you need to place on any vacant spot on the grid, as well as visibility into the next several blocks. The goal is to place three or more blocks of the same type adjacent to one another, which causes them to merge into a block of the next larger size. There are ten consecutively larger block sizes in the game.

Merge Blocks Screenshot ALT
Merge Blocks Screenshot

Color Maze Puzzle

Color Maze Puzzle is a really exciting game where the objective is to color the entire maze play area with the same color by sliding the ball containing the paint over it. The direction of the ball’s slide is defined by sliding your finger (or mouse) from the ball’s location to a tile along the target location, and releasing. The ball will automatically slide in that direction to cover the maximum number of tiles. There 100 exciting levels to complete.

Color Game Screenshot ALT
Color Game Screenshot

Ball Sort

In Ball Sort the objective is to move the balls between the vials so that each vial contains balls of only the same color. You tap once on the vial to select it as the source, and tap once on a different vial to select the destination. Then the topmost ball from the source vial is moved to the destination vial. The level is successfully completed once each vial only contains balls of the same color. There are a total of 40 levels.

Ball Sort Screenshot ALT
Ball Sort Screenshot

Water Sort

In Water Sort you have to pour the bottle from the vials into other vials such that each vial only contains water of the same color. You select the source vial by clicking on it, and then the destination vial by click on it. The water of the color at the top of the source vial will then only flow into the destination vial if its empty, or it also contains water of the same color. The level completes when all vials contain water of only a single color. There are a total of 40 exciting levels.

Water Sort Screenshot ALT
Water Sort Screenshot

Glass Ball Puzzle

In Glass Ball Puzzle the objective is shift the balls among the vials so that each vial contains balls of the same color. The ball at the top of the source vial is selected by clicking the vial. Similarly, the destination vial is selected by clicking it. The ball at the top of the source vial will then shift to the destination vial only if it contains only balls of the same color. The level is complete when all vials contain balls of only the same color. There are dozens of exciting levels to play.

Glass Ball Puzzle Screenshot ALT
Glass Ball Puzzle Screenshot