Computer games are a great way for toddlers and preschoolers to learn fine motor, vocabulary, and language skills. The color, sounds, and interactivity are indeed very enticing, and provide for education that is at the same time very entertaining.

House Word Search for Kids

House Word Search for Kids presents various common objects that are situated in the various rooms of the house including the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, kids’ room, and garden. The object is to finds the word on the word puzzle that are associated with the pictures of the corresponding objects on the right. Then the correct match is made the word is spoken aloud.

House Word Search for Kids Screenshot - ALT
House Word Search for Kids Screenshot

Kids Puzzle

Kids Puzzle is a traditional jigsaw puzzle set on a rectangular grid pattern to make it easier to solve for children. The pieces are placed at randomized locations with some rotations to the left and the right of the puzzle to complete. There are a total or six exciting puzzles to complete for added variety. The difficulty can optionally be increased by removing the translucent color image of the completed puzzle in the background. Upon completion of the puzzle, a digital picture of the completed illustration can be taken as a souvenir.

Kids Puzzle Screenshot ALT
Kids Puzzle Screenshot

Super Birds Memory

Super Birds Memory is a simple game where the goal is the memorize the location of the birds whose species is spoken when the image is clicked. When clicked, the face down card that is clicked is flipped to reveal the image of a bird, and the idea is the select the subsequent card to be the same bird species. As at most only two cards can be turned over at any given time to reveal the image of the birds, strong memory skills are needed to remember which bird species are behind each card.

Super Birds Memory Screenshot ALT
Super Birds Memory Screenshot

Capital and Simple Letters Matching

Capital and Simple Letters Matching is a game where the objective is to match the upper case letters with the corresponding lower case letters by drawing a line from one letter to its associated pair. The musical soundtrack and animations help to motivate kids to learn the alphabets quickly. There are a total of 15 levels with different letter combinations.

Capital and Simple Letters Matching Screenshot - ALT
Capital and Simple Letters Matching Screenshot

Spot the Differences

Spot the Differences is a great game to help develop fine visual identification skills. It is especially designed for children with clear cartoon graphics, sound effects, and music. It has 12 levels with child friendly halloween themes.

Spot the Differences Screenshot ALT
Spot the Differences Screenshot